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Bad seeds : evil progeny

by Steve Berman;

  Print book : Fiction

Selected story summaries   (2018-06-14)


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by billborre

"The Queen of Knives" by Georgina Bruce - Eva is a little girl who sees an Other in the mirror she refers to as Queen of Knives. The queen tells Eva she has many stories but their true meaning is in blood and Eva needs a knife. Eva is not allowed to possess sharp objects since the day her father had given her a penknife and she cut her mother's face giving her a scar. The father believes it was an accident but the mother suspects her daughter of intentionally cutting her. Eva asks the Queen of Knives how she can acquire one and receives an answer. Eva quietly breaks the mirror and takes a long shard into her sleeping mother's bedroom and cuts her throat. Eva paints herself in the spurting blood and when she looks into the shard she sees that she has become Queen of Knives.

"The Naughty List" by Christine Morgan - Bad kids lock their detention supervisor in the hall closet when she sneaks in there for a smoke. They observe the holiday Santa arrive with his two elf helpers and convince him to bring the gifts down to the basement. The kids trip one of the elves down the stairs and he breaks his leg. They duct tape the remaining elf and Santa to chairs and suffocate the elf. The Santa makes an effort to break free but is stabbed in the throat with a pair of scissors. The kids on the naughty list realize that they will be in trouble later but for now they enjoy the school's Christmas presents and treats.

"Make Believe" by Michael Reaves - Three boys out playing by Arrowhead cave encounter the evil spirits of four boys who were killed in the cave. One of the ghosts points his toy gun at Tom and says "bang" resulting in Tom's death. Tom's body is later recovered. Malcolm is never found. The third boy is the narrator who was found in a nearby ravine after fleeing. After spending several days in a coma he told those who questioned him he had no recollection of the events. His memory of that night returns in pieces of nightmares over the years. He says that he became a writer in order to deal with the trauma.

"The Stuff That Goes On In Their Heads" by Michael Marshal Smith - A boy tells his father that a bully named Arthur Milford is threatening to throw him out of the window at school so the father goes to the school to discuss the situation with the headmistress. The headmistress informs him that there is no Arthur Milford at the school and that she will look into the situation. As they are leaving the building the father hears a window breaking on the third floor and sees his son's body tossed out of it.

"The Perfect Dinner Party" by Cassandra Clare & Holly Black - Charles and Jenny are two children vampires who were turned after Mr. DuChamp killed their parents. The siblings kill Mr. DuChamp when he attacks Charles for not gathering the six living girls tribute for his master. Charles and his human girlfriend intend to hide out at her uncle's upstate farm but since the position is now vacant Jenny thinks she can gather six girls for her new master without difficulty.

"Making Friends" by Gary Raisor - A boy whose mouth has been deformed by a razor blade placed in his Halloween candy is subsequently mocked by other children for his speech impediment. He decides to "make friends" on a later Halloween by distracting the adults and leaving razor-embedded treats at the houses he visits.

"Second Grade" by Charles Antin - The army recruiter shows up to a second grade class and enlists all the seven year old boys leaving only one left named George. George poisons the class hamster and begins distributing glue for sniffing purposes to the remaining girls as well as the instructor.

"My Name Is Leejun" by John Schoffstall - A boy has the ability to absorb the souls and men and animals.





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