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Dark Screams. Volume 4

by Brian James Freeman; Richard T Chizmar; Clive Barker; Heather Graham; Lisa Morton; Ray Garton; Edward Gorman;

  eBook : Document : Fiction

Selected story summaries   (2018-04-29)


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by billborre

"The Brasher Girl" by Ed Gorman - A boy and girl in a relationship are telepathically commanded by an alien that lives at the bottom of a well to murder people. Eventually the girl loses interest in him and gets another boyfriend. When she brings the new boyfriend to the well to be indoctrinated the first guy is hiding in the surrounding woods with a knife. He rushes the new boyfriend and stabs him to death. The girl attempts to run but he catches her and stabs her too. This brings his killing spree to an end as a farmer finds him holding the body of the dead girl and crying. The police link him to other killings and his lawyer puts in an insanity plea. He tells a reporter where the well is and tells her to go alone as the voice will be more likely to speak to her then. While awaiting trial he hears about strange murders of old ladies being strangled with rosary beads around his hometown. When his trial begins the reporter rushes towards him and calls him a bastard. She thrusts a string of rosary beads in his hand.

"The New War" by Lisa Morton - A ninety-two year old man recovering from hip surgery develops a delusion that a creature he refers to as "the black" which is connected with his nurse is killing people in the nursing home. He palms a knife from dinner and resolves to attempt to stab his nurse but before he can carry out his plan the new anti-psychotic his doctor has prescribed kicks in and, while he still perceives the black hovering on the ceiling over him, he no longer connects its presence with the nurse and he drops the knife.

"Sammy Comes Home" by Ray Garton - The monster in this story can be thought of as a combination of the facehugger from the Alien movie and the pods from Invasion of the Body Snatchers. After dogs and cats go missing from the neighborhood for about a week they return to their owners bloody with matted fur and a large protuberance on their abdomen. Eventually it bursts and the creature inside takes the shape of its host.

"Creature Feature" by Heather Graham - Lloyd Harrison is a sexual sadist and vicious murderer; he’s also been suffering from the result of heavy drug use for a long time—which explained the hallucinogens in the champagne the two women drank as he stalked them through the monster show. His ability to put on the monster show had fed into his every horrific fantasy, and therefore he had committed his last heinous act in the guise of Jack the Ripper. He's defeated by one of the women's boyfriend who is led into the monster show by the ghost of the woman Lloyd killed and then left her body in the Ripper exhibit.


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