Anatomy for Strength and Fitness Training For Women : an Illustrated Guide to Your Muscles in Action. (電子書籍, 2008) []
Anatomy for Strength and Fitness Training For Women : an Illustrated Guide to Your Muscles in Action. 資料のプレビュー

Anatomy for Strength and Fitness Training For Women : an Illustrated Guide to Your Muscles in Action.

著者: Mark Vella
出版社: Chichester : IMM Lifestyle, 2008.
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Vella, Mark.
Anatomy for Strength and Fitness Training For Women : An Illustrated Guide to Your Muscles in Action.
Chichester : IMM Lifestyle, ©2008
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ドキュメントの種類 書籍, 電子ファイル
すべての著者/寄与者: Mark Vella
ISBN: 9781607653738 1607653737
OCLC No.: 958517185
物理形態: 1 online resource (377 pages)
コンテンツ: Title; Dedication; Author's Acknowledgments; Contents; Part 1: Anatomy and Exercise Programmes; Building a better you; Anatomical definitions and terminology; Exercise analyses and principles; Devising a programme; Exercise programmes; Part 2: The Exercises; 1. Aerobic Training; Walking; Jogging and running; Aerobics; Swimming and aqua-aerobics; Aerobic machines; 2. Abdominals, Stabilization and Balance; Posture basics; Seated ball balance; Transverse activation in four-point kneeling; Plank pose stabilization on ball; Shell prone ball roll-up; Abdominal stabilization programme. Two-stage crunchReverse incline bench sit-up; Body-weight oblique crunch --
ball between legs; Combination crunch; Hip flexor apparatus; Mid-back scapular stabilization on bench; Kneeling heel touch; 3. Chest; Body-weight modified push-ups; Wall push-ups on bar; Bench press machine; Incline dumb-bell bench press; Barbell bench press; Body-weight dips; Incline pec deck machine; Dumb-bell flat bench flyes; Cable cross-over; 4. Legs and Hips; Squats with ball between legs; Freestanding barbell plié squats; Freestanding barbell squats; Machine incline leg press; Barbell reverse lunge. Freestanding lateral lungeBench step; Modified barbell bent leg deadlift; Double leg bridge with shoulder flexion; Ball bridge; Side-lying ball lift; Hip abductor machine; Hip adductor machine; Supine adductor stabilization with ball; Cable hip abductions; Prone hip extensions; Machine lying leg curl; Seesaw with ball; Yoga quad stretch with forward lean; Freestanding calf raise; Seated calf raise machine; 5. Back and Shoulders; Machine cable front lateral pull-down; Chin-up assist machine; Standing cable pull-over; Standing reverse grip cable rows; Seated low cable pulley rows. Supported bent-over row machineDumb-bell bent-over rows; Prone back extension on ball; Back extension apparatus; Alternate arm and leg raises on ball; Machine shoulder press; Dumb-bell seated shoulder press; Dumb-bell standing lateral raise; Rear deltoid machine; Seated bent-over dumb-bell raises on ball; Rotator cuff stabilization with theraband; 6. Arms; Seated overhead tricep extension on ball with theraband; Supine barbell French curl; Tricep machine; Cable tricep push-down; Tricep rope pull-down; Standing barbell curl; Seated incline dumb-bell curl with supination. Dumb-bell concentration curl7. Stretches and Flexibility; Neck and shoulder stretch; Standing chest and anterior shoulder stretch; Ball shoulder stretch; Seated side stretch on ball; Full-body stretch; Supine hip flexion stretch; Spine roll; Side-to-side hip rolls; Supine lying gluteus stretch; Supine lying single leg hamstring stretch; Seated stride into saw stretch; Supine lying deep external rotators stretch; Standing iliopsoas stretch; Gastrocnemius stretch; Plank to downward-facing dog; Child stretch; Glossary; Index; Resources; Copyright.





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