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Sand transport from beaches to coastal sand dunes.

by Mark Nicholas Law

  Thesis/dissertation : Thesis/dissertation : Microfiche

Mark Law - author - additional comments   (2015-03-29)


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by mlaw26

The thesis was based on several years of field research conducted at Long Point Beach, Ontario to validate empirical mathematical equations that predict the volume of sand transported off a beach by specific wind speeds. The research demonstrated how "fetch" - the length of beach surface over which a wind blows - is an integral part in determining the total volume of sand that will be blown from that surface for a specific wind speed.

The research contradicted the widely used formulas of Bagnold, 1941 who used wind tunnels to create equations that predicted the amount of material blown based on wind speed and the characteristics of the blown materials. Bagnold's predictive equations were based on tests run in a wind tunnel with a fixed length. Bagnold did not consider when a wind blows over a longer surface (like the length or fetch of a beach) will produce a higher volume of materials blown. Bagnold's equations are used in understanding soil erosion. This thesis proved that Bagnold's equations under-predicted the total amount of material blown by wind.

The concepts and empirical mathematical formulas became a Chapter in a text book: Coastal Dunes: Form and Process, 1990, Karl F. Nordstrom et al., Wiley, New York (OCoLC)646928538

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